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UK Army Combat shirt MTP UBACs - Black

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EX-Army UBACS Under Body Armour Combat Shirt

These are the Genuine MoD Unissued UBACS shirts

Lightweight and breathable garment features IRR ( Infra-red reflective)

MTP sleeves made from fire retardant poly cotton Also features zipper neck., large patch pockets, padded elbows.

This item Can be NEW or  Grade 1 USED, NOTE: Not all jacket comes with union jack/any patches.

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This is an original army product, incomparable in quality to the mass-advertised copies. The British Army clothes its army with some of the best quality clothing in the world. It mainly relies on natural materials, the perfect workmanship and the comfort of the serviceman. Anyone who has used it is aware of the fact – give yourself comfort. You deserve it!

Combat top - UBACS - winter, with fleece, combat shirt
Original army product. Ideal for airsoft, paintball, hunting or outdoor tourism.
Fleece environment, MTR sleeves made of cotton - polyester.
Zip collar, large sleeve pockets, padded elbows

XL chest width - 55cm, total length 75cm, arm - sleeve - 53cm.

XXL chest width - 65cm, total length 80cm, arm - sleeve - 56cm.

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