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Jackets and Smoks

Army jackets and smoks

In this category you will find various top-of-the-range camouflage clothing from the British Army. Mufs camouflage type MTR (Multi-terrain), DPM coats, Desert jackets and more.

Designed for the army, they are known for their outstanding practicality, high quality materials and ease of use.

Extremely suitable for hunting, hiking, airsoft, paintball and other sports in nature.

Tactical coats and jackets (13)

Here you will find various trousers and leggings suitable for hunting, fishing, police, military police airsoft, paintball or just outdoor sports. Import from England. Army surplus after training regular military, reserve, or cadets. Some are second-hand, but the item description explicitly mentions whether it is new or second-hand.

Trousers (44)

In this category you will find Army and hunting shirts, blouses and jackets that are Army surplus and suitable for outdoor sports - hunting, fishing, airsoft, paintball, or just hiking in the wild. Very often used by the military, various services or security activities. Products specially designed for use in harsh environments with increased durability.

Shirts, tops and hoodies (11)

In this category you will find underwear and other similar clothing and other accessories for the life and daily life of servicemen, cadets, scouts and more.

Similar products - thermal underwear, socks, towels and more ...

Underwear and others (8)

Army, sports or symbolic T-shirts and more. Infantry T-shirts made of cotton, treated to shrink or loosen.

T-shirts (15)

Designed with comfort in mind,the Tactical Fleece Jackets are meant to keep you warm and comfortable in cold weather.
The drawstring waist and mandarin collar are designed to ensure a professional look and fit. 
To extend the jackets durability, it has been constructed with specially engineered abrasion-resistant Polyester Fleece fabric. This stylish yet resourceful fleece jacket will not let you down on the job. 
It is a highly recommended winter outfit choice for tactical, security, airsoft, as well as outdoor enthusiasts demanding warmth, comfort and functionality.

Hood's, Fleeces and soft-shell jackets (19)

Tactical vests and waistcoats

Tactical vests and waistcoats (27)

In this category you will find clothing and accessories for hunting and fishing.

Hunting and fishing clothing (9)

In the category you will find different types of military, police, tactical and hunting hats from the UK.

Suitable for any activity, outdoor sports, fishing, airsoft and tourism. Also in the category - military shawls, camouflage sniper nets, headpieces, helmets, helmets and many other accessories.

Army surplus from the British Army, personnel and cadets.

Headware (59)